Information for Identification


Information und Identification

The first area of work aimed to identify potential victims of human trafficking for the purpose of sexual exploitation in cooperation with the police, the State Criminal Police Office and the Federal Criminal Police Office at previously unknown locations. For this purpose, red light establishments were also recorded numerically and geographically. The data collected were then processed and interpreted. Within the framework of the project, this took place in the project cities of Berlin, Hamburg and Stuttgart. Some graphics can be seen here for illustration.

A website with text and audio was created for endangered and affected persons to inform them about the dangers of human trafficking. It has been translated into many languages and also contains the number of the help telephone "Gewalt gegen Frauen" (Violence against women) for the acute threat situation of (potential) victims. In the outreach work, women in prostitution in brothels, clubs, flats, caravans and streets were given a flyer explaining the new German law on the Protection of Persons Engaged in Prostitution as well as inconspicuous cards with the Internet address for victims.


Awareness raising in refugee facilities

In shelters for refugees, 18 training courses for staff were held and over 320 participants were informed about the possible indicators and dangers of human trafficking. The risk of trafficking in human beings often begins in the home country of fugitives and through gangs of smugglers on the way. Here in Germany they are particularly at risk of being victims of exploitation due to their vulnerable situation.

We provide the training materials free of charge in the form of brochures and picture presentations in various languages.

The use and distribution of all materials is expressly welcome!