Possible Indicators:

The victims...

    • ...are accompanied by dominant, mostly male companions or “translators”
    • ...have large (fabricated) debts and must give up their earnings (e.g. 40.000€ > see Case of One Nigerian Women)
    • ...give answers that seem rehearsed
    • ...have significant memory gaps and no sense of time and space
    • ...have no desire to integrate themselves (e.g. do not attend obligatory events such as integration courses or apprenticeships although they previously showed great enthusiasm)
    • …seem insecure, frightened, listless or absent-minded
    • …show signs of abuse, e.g. bruises – often on parts of the body, that are easily hidden
    • …suddenly receive many conspicuously expensive gifts (e.g. brand name clothing, expensive smartphones etc.)
    • …have counterfeit or no legal documents