Recruitment Methods of the Perpetrators:


False job offers

This especially concerns foreign women. In many cases, recruiters are friends or family members or they build trust as alleged friends,boyfriends or girlfriends and promise well-paid, legal employment, for example as a nanny, domestic help or in gastronomy. Women often are recruited by advertisements in their country of origin supposedly to be placed as artists, models or dancers.


Feigned romantic relationships with „Loverboys“/”Romeo pimps”

Especially young girls are taken in by “Loverboys”/”Romeo Pimps”, who feign friendship and love and then lure them into prostitution. The “Loverboys”/”Romeo pimps” feigns an intimate, romantic relationship with a woman or girl, manipulates her emotionally, isolates her socially and then baits or forces her into prostitution. Furthermore, the “Loverboy”/”Romeo pimp” uses drugs, violence and threats, to make her compliant. More information:



Financial dependency on „Sugar Daddies“

Sugar Daddies are men that maintain fairly long-term sexual relationships with partners that are distinctively younger and receive material compensation in return. Such relationships are largely defined by a financial dependency of the younger partner, whereas the structure and interpersonal rules of the relationship are dictated by the older partner.



Knowledge of recruitment into prostitution but unaware of actual working conditions

The victims are aware that they will prostitute themselves and that they have to work off the costs of recruitment. However, they have been deceived as to the working conditions and told that the job is very lucrative, that they determine when they work, what services they offer and can decide to quit at any point.


Threat or use of force

There are many different forms of perpetrator violence:

In some cases women are kidnapped right off the streets, such as in countries like Romania, Bulgaria or Moldavia.

German women and often blackmailed by perpetrators using nude photos (obtained through deceit or force) who then threaten to publish them or show them to family members. Beatings and rape are common forms of violence. Mental abuse is also used against women, when they or their relatives are threatened bodily harm if the women do not cooperate.