Our kick-off conference was on April 2017

The eight partner organizations from Germany and Bulgaria invited to Berlin. The Opening Conference was an event for:

  • Institutions, organizations, initiatives and counseling centers in contact with survivors of trafficking;
  • Employees and volunteers at refugee centers wishing to learn more about human trafficking as well as how they can help inform and protect asylum seekers;
  • Entrepreneurs and businesses requiring more information on offering survivors of trafficking employment, an internship or on the job training, as part of their CSR commitment;
  • Other interested persons.



Frank Heinrich

Frank Heinrich, MdB, Chairman of the CDU/CSU party in the Committee for Human Rights and Humanitarian Aid. Involved in the subject human trafficking for many years as a social worker and officer in the Salvation Army. Together with Thorsten Riewesell he is the founder of the alliance Gemeinsam gegen Menschenhandel. Heinrich is co-editor of the book Der verdrängte Skandal. Menschenhandel in Deutschland.

Inge Bell

Inge Bell, publicist, film producer, and media trainer. She is active in different non-profit organizations and travels throughout Europe speaking on forced prostitution and human trafficking. She is the vice chair of SOLWODI Bayern e.V. In October 2012 she was honored with the German Federal Cross of Merit for her commitment to the fight against human trafficking.


Angelika Schmitt, BAMF

Angelika Schmitt

Angelika Schmitt ist seit 2002 Referentin beim Bundesamt für Migration und Flüchtlinge beschäftigt. Für den Arbeitsbereich Menschenhandel des Bundesamtes arbeitet sie seit drei Jahren. Für das Bundesamt hat Frau Schmitt ein Projekt zu Strukturellen Optimierung im Asylverfahren zur Bekämpfung des Menschenhandels in die Runde der G7-Staaten eingebracht. Frau Schmitt ist verheiratet mit zwei wunderbaren Kindern.

Frank Buckenhofer

Frank Buckenhofer, Customs Officer, Chair of the German Police Union (Customs)

Kyra Gordon

Kyra Gordon has been the Director of A21 Bulgaria since April 2014. Before that, she served as Country Director in Kiev, Ukraine for A21 and continues to oversee Eastern Europe Operations for A21.

Karl Maria Kinsky

Karl Maria Kinsky was born in Vienna and has worked as a lawyer, in the financial sector and IT. He is the founder of several IT companies and has also worked as an undercover agent. Together with three partners, Mr. Kinsky established the largest Austrian security network between 2001 and 2016. Currently, Karl Kinsky works as CEO of Bridge International, a provider of data security service solutions for companies.

Marijn Vegter

Marijn Vegter is the manager of the Dignita brunch restaurant in Amsterdam. The restaurant is profitable, serves as a training center for people who have been trafficked in to Amsterdam, and is setting the stage for further development in the Netherlands. Additionally, Dignita project leaders worked with world-class chefs to build a nationally recognized culinary program - where people affected by modern day slavery could earn certifications in kitchen work.

David Jesze

David Jesze is a successful entrepreneur, investor and mentor with more than 25 years of business experience throughout Oceania, Asia and Europe. He is actively involved in various anti trafficking initiatives and has recently launched MADE IN FREEDOM, a sales platform/ business for products made by people liberated from slavery. As the former CEO of a Social Enterprise Group with investments in Cambodia, Vietnam and Afghanistan, he also actively mentors a number of freedom entrepreneurs around the world to help scale their businesses with the aim to create more freedom.