Materials on asylum seekers and trafficking

Here you will find our Presentation for Staff. Additionally, an Awareness Raising Presentation for Asylum Seekers is available in different languages, so that you can independently inform asylum seekers.

Presentation for Staff and a script with additional information:
in German

Awareness Raising Presentation for Asylum Seekers and/or potentially vulnerable peoples:
in German
in English
in Arabic
in Farsi
in Russian



Materials on asylum seekers and trafficking

You can order the following flyers from a print shop or print and distribute them yourself:

Flyer for Staff in German


Flyer to Raise Awareness Among Asylum Seekers (quadrilingual: German, English, Farsi, Arabic)



Guide for Women in Prostitution

We have a flyer explaining the new German law on the Protection of Persons Engaged in Prostitution.

We would be pleased to provide you with the print data PDF here and you can print, use and distribute the flyer:

Flyer with information on the new German law on the Protection of Persons Engaged in Prostitution as a Guide for Women working in Prostitution


Integration Program Flyer

The Compass Program aims to bridge the educational and life skills gaps preventing survivors of human trafficking and sexual exploitation to take part in working life.

Flyer for potential COMPASS Program participants:


The Integration Programme:

The Kompass programme aims to fill the possible educational gaps of trafficked persons and those who are sexually exploited in order to be able to participate in working life.

The training manual is available in English, German and in parts in Bulgarian:

The COMPASS-Programme in English

The COMPASS-Programme in German
Page 266 of the manual ("RECOGNISE" double page) can be called up here as a separate file, as it is in A3 format: Page 266







Materials for Employers

By offering three-week internships or low-threshold jobs, employers can assist survivors of human trafficking in making a new life for themselves.

Through these internships, small and large businesses have an opportunity to offer survivors a platform from which they can try out a new career and put into practice all of the skills they have learned during the program. With an offer of employment, survivors are able to secure their long term livlihoods.

Presentation for Employers in German and Informational Video Clip




Voluntary return in the countries of origin

If you are an organisation or counselling centre that looks after a person affected by human trafficking and/or sexual exploitation who would like to return to her home country, you will find

a handout for voluntary return here.

Here you will also find a brochure about the countries of origin (in German) in order to better understand the cultures of the women we work with.