Integration: Compass Program

The Compass Program aims to close possible gaps in the education of survivors of human trafficking and other forms of sexual exploitation in order that they may participate in the job market. For many, access to the job market is hindered by missing prerequisites: adequate German language skills, completed vocational training, basic computer skills etc. In order to help the women overcome these barriers to employment, we offer a flexible training manual for free use by organisations to make women fit for the job they would like to do

In addition to the training modules, businesses networking and mentors make up fundamental aspects of the Compass Program.


Training is divided into four phases during which the women acquire different skills and competencies. Before a woman can participate in the program, it is important that she is emotionally ready for the challenges ahead. The training contents are available in German, English and Bulgarian.


  • Basic communication and life skills (financial management, self-motivation, goal setting etc.)
  • Creating the conditions for a good start to working life


Identifying and naming competencies

  • Analysis of strengths and weaknesses: Women often do not know their own abilities. Therefore, individual personal strengths and weaknesses are determined together and hidden talents are brought out.
  • A "compass" for their own professional goals is developed together.


Application training

  • Trainings on the topics of "CV, cover letter" and "job interview
  • Preparation to enter the labour market independently
  • Dealing with the experience of failure: What fears and challenges can arise in the workplace?

Gain Work Experience

  • Applications for jobs or internships can already be written during the training sessions. This requires companies that enable the women concerned to have a good work experience.