Security Guards Recruit Refugees into Forced Prostitution – Berlin

According to an article in the ZDF magazine Frontal 21, security company employees at refugee facilities in Berlin are recruiting refugees into prostitution. On October 24, 2017, the TV program reported that some of the affected individuals are minors according to statements made by social workers, insiders at the security companies as well as refugees. A security guard responsible for several refugee facilities tells of a veritable network of pimps inside the refugee facilities. Security staff often made the first contact into prostitution and persuaded refugees to exchange sex for money, says the security officer. Sex with male refugees is especially in demand. He told Frontal 21: “From 16 years onwards, the younger, the higher the price.” > Article and film (7 minutes) of FRONTAL (German)

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Several aid organizations have confirmed: Predominantly young men from Afghanistan, Pakistan and Iraq are offering sexual services out of desperation. According to a Focus Online report from April 10, 2017, the number of adolescents under state care that prostitute themselves due to a lack of support services has increased greatly. > Article from Focus Online (German)


Refugees Forced into Prostitution – Bavaria

Usually it happens within an ethnic group, and officials are powerless to do anything about it. The human trafficking system is extremely lucrative and has operated for years around the refugee crisis within the dark figure of crime, which neither police nor aid organizations can really uncover. It includes women from Africa, who are blackmailed through Vodoo to work off arbitraryly high debts. Asian women, who have to receive men either in refugee facilities or in neighboring clubs or apartments. And young males, mainly from the Maghreb countries, who are introduced to prostitution in order to pay off their smugglers.
What little is known about forced prostitution among asylum seekers comes from confidential interviews with social workers as well as observations by red-light district detectives.

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